About John’s Block

Hello & welcome.

John’s Block is all about food & life – mainly FOOD!

The aim is to share how I cook & cater for my family – on a budget! As well as when we cater for special dinners and family events. It’s really easy if you keep it simple!!

Let’s face it – most people/families have a budget of some sort, whether it be £20 or £200 a week makes little difference really – you have limits – you may shop at Aldi or Lidl – M&S or Waitrose or somewhere in between.

I take basic ingredients from a variety of stores and turn them into easily prepared meals for the whole family – no fuss!

We will look at the different stores and the differences they offer – quality & price wise to see where you can save, but still get great meals.

We will also look at types of food to cover all menu choices – Meat, Fish, Veggie & Vegan options, and again covering budgets to suit all!

We will discuss – sell by dates – use by dates – what they mean when you get them home!

How to treat meat/fish and other protein to get the most out of it – cooking options – seasoning – marinades etc.

I will have guest chefs to cover the arears I am still learning (Veggie/Vegan) but most of the time I will be cooking for you.

The aim is to have a weekly video on my YouTube channel (click the YouTube button at the top of the page) that will be tied into the website.l

You can email to – info@johnsblock.co.uk

Or go to the contact page to fill in the form.

We look forward to hearing from you and taking you on your food journey😊